Plisse Style Retractable Sliding Patio Door Screen – Modern Screening with Unobtrusive View

Want the best screening solutions that would complement your modern lifestyle in North America? Or need a simple and inexpensive alternative to the pricey door and patio screen designs available in the local market? The Plisse style retractable sliding patio doors screens can be practical yet effective items for meeting your home screening needs. They operate without tensioners or springs and can fly open without the risk of hurting your pets. The Plisse retractable sliding screens let the cool air get inside without even slamming or popping open under its effect.

Retractable Screen

The Plissé style retractable sliding patio door screen is the latest, most innovative and stylish screen designs that can be retracted easily. It has minimal plastic components which are infused with Teflon to smoothly slide open and close the screen and prevent the loss of its retractability due to the plastic wears and tears. Be sure that the horizontal tension lines in the Plisse retractable screen fabric make it stay firm and function smoothly every time.

You can experience absolute comfort and ease in Plisse retractable sliding patio door screen designs that are free from all complicated bearings and springs found in other retractable designs. The Plisse is based on the ultimate sophistication of folded screen fabric and functions more like this blind variety. When you pull the retractable screen handle across the opening the folded screen parts open smoothly to give you the best possible protection without any kind of complication or injury.

The Plissé style retractable sliding patio door screens suit all kinds of windows and doors having a modest track.  They are less likely to fall off the track and become an eye-sore for visitors or users. You can also enjoy the following features and benefits of the retractable screens.

Exclusive Features

  • Strong aluminum 4-sided frame
  • Finish of baked on powder coat in a range of colors (6 standard options or custom specification)
  • Totally sealed once gets closed
  • Modern design using the elegant and unique folded screen fabric system

Amazing Benefits:

  • Disappears fully when you don’t use it
  • Lifetime warranty on retractable screen
  • 35% or even more reduction in sunlight
  • A perfect seal thriving in strong breeze and keeping away nasty bugs
  • An aesthetic addition to every home decor
  • No safety concern for your pets and kids
  • Assurance of quality and functional product
  • The blend of European design & American efficacy
  • Hassle-free sliding operation for many years


Screen Solutions INC offers the ultimate screening solutions for modern-day homeowners in a range of Plisse sliding patio doors screens that are made of both local and foreign sourced elements and reflect the best touch of the European styling and the American competence. To start enjoying the insect-free view outside together with stylish and retractable screen solution, check out the collection of Plisse sliding patio doors screens of Screen Solutions INC. Just call it at 866.571.8870 or contact via to know about the price of your desirable item today Or You can stay connected with us on our facebook and twitter pages .


Make the Most Of Your Patio Area By Installing Retractable Screens

A lot goes into having the ideal patio. It isn’t just about having a perfect place to sit down when you wish some fresh air; it is also about having an area where you can have fun with your friends or family. It is about crafting a place, whether small or big, that’s exclusively your own; a place that you entirely love the look of. It isn’t just about how you construct your patio; it is also about the small finishing touches that you provide it so that it reflects your individuality and what you like about the outdoors.


No doubt, if you’ve a patio you’re also going to own a patio door that complements it. Whether it is a single panel or sliding door – you will need high-quality patio door screens to not just keep things out that you want outside (bugs, dirt, leaves, etc), but also let the gentle wind in when the door is unlocked.

There’re many kinds of patio screens available on the market, but the most popular one seems to be the retractable sliding patio door screens since they mechanically retract when not in use.

Retractable sliding patio door screens are the ideal addition to any patio. Dissimilar from conventional patio screens that are clipped or nailed in place, retractable patio screens can be pulled down and rolled up whenever you want. This way, one can relish an enclosed terrace with their screens extended, and an open terrace with their screens retracted, making an adaptable outdoor living area that can be relished all through the year.


Retractable screens are accessible in different sizes, and can fit approximately any wall-less exterior living space. In addition, they avail in carious opacity levels, so one can find the particular amount of privacy, shade, bug protection, or weather protection that they’re looking for.

A retractable screen will be there when you require it and vanish when you don’t. On a mild day, you can open your doors and windows to let fresh air go through your house without being concerned by outdoor bugs and insects.

For custom designed retractable sliding patio door screens, contact Screen Solutions. We are the leading manufacturer and online retailer of retractable screens for all styles of doors and windows. For further information about our service, please feel free to get in touch with us at 866.571.8870.Or You can stay connected with us on our facebook and twitter pages pages.

What’re Retractable Screens & How They Bring Benefits To The Users

Enclosing a patio or porch with a screen is an excellent way to make the most of its functions, since it enables you to relish the exteriors without concerning regarding mosquitoes as well as other bugs. If you’d love to be able to open your patio up to the outside during the certain period of a year when insects are not an issue, retractable window screens – such as those from Screen Solutions – are the answer.


What’re retractable screens?

Conventional screens stay affixed to your door or window all the time, but retractable screens can be taken away when you don’t require them. The screen is laden on a roller either outside or inside the frame, so you pull out the screen when your door or window is open, and pull in the screen when it is closed.

Retractable screens generally can fit any existing door or window, including sliding patio doors, French doors, double-hung windows, and glass windows. There’re generally diverse mounting choices, so one can prefer to have the screen accumulated outside or inside the casing, or even a lower-level setting up. They can be driven manually by sliding the screens closed or open through your hand, or through a motor that is driven remotely.

Why you should add retractable screens to your doors, windows and patios?

A retractable screen is there for you when requires it and vanishes when you don’t need them. On a mild day, you can unbolt your doors and windows to enable fresh air to pass through your room without being concerned by outdoor insects and bugs.

Besides keeping insects away, retractable screens can keep the sun’s heat out, so your house remains cooler even during the scorching summer. There’s also screen mesh that keeps away the sun’s injurious UV rays that can damage skin and discolor furniture in your home. Retractable screen for windows also reduces glare, which signifies no more ache when you glance through your windows on a sunny day.

One can effortlessly expand their exterior living area by incorporating retractable screens around the border of a patio or porch. You will certainly find a shaded, pest-free space while integrating solitude.


While you don’t require the defense of a door or window screen, just roll it up. The screen vanishes, and you can relish a clear sight of the wonderful outdoors.

Get in touch with Screen Solutions if you are looking for high quality retractable window screen online. Call us at 866.571.8870 if you want to personalize your retractable screen. For more details visit us at,, and .

Looking to Buy a Retractable Screen? Check Out What Features To Look For

When you’re looking for a screen, keep in mind that not everyone is created equally. Many suppliers have fragile, cheap screens that aren’t sturdy and won’t last for long time. Retractable screens are certainly an economical and opportune screening options for your doors and windows. However, there are certain features you need to keep in mind while picking a retracting screen. Let’s find out them:

Look for choices:

You want to customize your retractable screen as much as feasible and availability of plentiful options will aid you to accomplish this. The fit must be appropriate since it’ll be custom manufactured according to your requirements, but you can also choose from many options, such as:

  • Custom coloring – this’ll permit you to make sure your screen’s aluminum border will complement or blends with your window or door frame.


  • Motorized or manual operating system – automation aids with effortless opening & closing particularly with large or broad screens that are employed on patios, garages, folding doors, porches or other large gaps.


Built-in hydraulic damper:

An inbuilt hydraulic damper makes the screen to slow down as it gets to the window or door frame, so it won’t slam or close with a noisy bang. This unit remains inside the screen and isn’t noticeable from the exterior.

Mesh options:

There’re several different mesh choices to pick from for your retractable screen:

  • Typical fiberglass meshes that offers 100 percent insect& bug shield. Not even the minutest bugs will get through it. The typical mesh offers complete shield. Not all mesh that are made of fiberglass are the same, so ensure that your mesh is solid, so it will be more durable and resilient in the future. If you’re not sure, inquire the supplier for a sample of their mesh prior to ordering.


  • Pet defiant mesh is 7x stronger in comparison to the typical fiberglass mesh and won’t split, shred or become injured because of pets’ paws or claws. Such mesh will offer you with same bug shield as the typical fiberglass mesh.
  • Solar covered mesh decreases UV rays & glare, therefore protecting your household. 100% insect guard is guaranteed with such kind of mesh also.

Safety Design:

A unique feature avail on some retractable screens is that the mesh will enlarge on contact. This signifies that if kids or pets run into the screen, it’ll enlarge out to stop injury to the individual or pet and prevent injury to your screen.

Retractable screens are an ideal solution to aid keep your office or home cool throughout the summer months while keeping you shielded against bugs or insects. Ensure you have done the research required to buy the appropriate screen that’ll fulfill your needs.

Contact Plissé for a variety of retractable screens. Our retractable screens are custom-built in our Austin, TX facility to easily fit all styles of doors and windows. Call us at 866.571.8870 for our service!

For more details visit us at,,, and .

Great Benefits of Installing Retractable Door Screens at Home

Your dream of achieving an enhanced lifestyle with expanded living space in Austin, Texas will be fulfilled by installing retractable screens. These days most of the homeowners are opting for retractable door screens, which have the blend of functionality and aesthetics to make your home a comfortable space for living. Having the ability to provide an un-obstructed view of your property, the retractable door screens allows interior of your home to breathe. Without creating any messy look, retractable door screens are virtually invisible (when in use) and practically disappears into the case installed on door frames (when not in use).

French Door Screen 2

Let us now have a look at some amazing benefits of installing retractable door screens:

Good Ventilation:

Retractable door screens offer flexibility of allowing natural air ventilation, which proves to be great in summer months of Texas. Achieving good ventilation will help in reducing use of air-conditioners that will cut down your rising energy costs.

Allows Flow of Natural Light:

Being designed with great perfection, retractable door screens successfully blocks harmful UV rays without obstructing flow of natural light into your room. Along with this you can enjoy a beautiful outer world’s view with retractable door screens.

Keeps Away Pesky and Harmful Bugs:

Now you can keep your doors open without being worried or irritated for flying insects and bugs by installing retractable door screens. You and your family will stay protected from pesky insects that will offer a peace of mind while enjoying great comfort and fun.

Proves to be an Impressive addition for your Home:

When installed on French Doors:

French doors have tremendous aesthetic quality, which are capable in adding elegance to every home in Austin, Texas. When retractable door screens are incorporated or installed on French doors then it proves to be a functional beauty for your home, which allows bug-free fresh air flow.

Retractable Screen

When installed on Sliding Patio Doors:

For any type of home décor sliding patio doors are great addition, which offers an enhanced appearance to your property as well as brightens up house’s interior. Retractable sliding patio door screen will offer an adequate living space for enjoying a quality time with your family and friends. You can enjoy the natural and fresh air in an expanded outdoor space without being irritated for any flying insects or bugs.

You will get top quality retractable screens at Screen Solutions, which is known to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of highly functional retractable door screen in Austin, Texas. Our screens are easy to install and convenient for using, which will prove to be worth in enhancing your property’s aesthetics. Call us today at 866.571.8870 or send an email to

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Retractable Screen

Enhance Property’s Aesthetics with Elegant French Door

These days’ the gigantic French doors are considered to be a grand option in enhancing a property’s aesthetics by many homeowners in United States. Typically made with single solid panel of glass or multiple glass panels, the French doors are usually found to be double paned. This ensures in keeping the weather out by maintaining a good heating and air conditioning effect inside. Having tremendous aesthetic quality, French doors are capable in adding sophisticated beauty to every home.


Wonderful advantages of installing French Doors at your property:

Offers a New Perspective:

For sure, installing French doors as front door, patio or interior of the house will make your house appear large and achieve an enhanced look and appearance. For sure the design and functionality of your house will get a boost with French doors.

Finished-productFrench Door Screen 9

Helps in Cutting Down the Energy Costs:

It is found effective in opting for French doors when you are struggling with rising energy costs. French doors are capable enough in inviting sufficient light into your living room, kitchen or even to your patio. With good amount of natural light coming into different parts of your home, for sure you will be not tempted to switch on the artificial lights. This in return will successfully reduce the high rising energy bills.


Enjoying Warm and Fresh Air with French Door having Retractable Screens:

Having the touch of elegance, the French doors when incorporated with retractable screens will allow in enjoying the sun shine and fresh air flow. Retractable French door screen of The Screen Solutions Plissé will allow in:

  • peaking into growing lush gardens in your yard
  • observing starry skies or full moon,

This can be enjoyed by staying inside as well as not getting distracted by harmful bugs and flying insects. Insect free ventilation will offer a great in experience in enjoying the flow of warm and fresh air inside the room with our retractable screens installed on the French doors.

Key Aspects of French Door having Our Retractable Screens:

  • Our retractable screens are easy to install on French doors.
  • Convenient in operating or maintaining our retractable screens installed on French doors.
  • Weighs high in aesthetic value and durability.

French doors having our retractable screens installed on them will help you in achieving an enhanced property’s look without any messy appearance. Apart from that you will be able to get an effective solution for enjoying bug free and well ventilated space. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of durable & best quality retractable screens in Austin, Texas. Contact us today at 866.571.8870.

3 Tips for Increasing the Curb Appeal of your Home

Most of the homeowners in United States are seen opting home improvements and renovation projects to give their home a new appearance and look. Renovations and home improvements are not only beneficial for resale of your home but also help in enhancing the current quality of living.

Finished Product Finished Product

You will successfully achieve an enticing curb appeal by following the below mentioned tips:

  1. Start with Landscaping:

Landscaping always plays with first impression of every visitor, which is the reason to take simple measures like keeping your grass healthy and trimmed. Remember always in keeping the weeds away and take steps in adding seasonal flowers that will add a pop of color.

  1. Set up a Welcoming Entryway:

By setting up a welcoming entryway you can successfully impress your friends and visitor as well as buyers will be also attracted to it. You can give a new coat of paint to your front door and porch as well as can replace the rusted hardware. Adding porch furniture and some flowerpots near the front door will prove to be always ready in giving a warm welcome.

Door Screen Blinds-adalyn

  1. Install Retractable Screen of The Screen Solutions Plissé:

For sure you will love to get an expanded space by installing elegant retractable screens of The Screen Solutions Plissé at some specific places of your home like the porch area and sliding patio retractable door screen that will offer a bug free and well ventilated space. Our retractable screens are widely used and highly acclaimed by most of the homeowners in all over US for giving exceptional benefits such as:

  • Expanding the living space.
  • Reduces rising energy bills.
  • Beautifully enhances home décor.
  • Offers an obstruction free view.
  • Effectively matching up with architectural aesthetics.
  • Giving a bug free living space by keeping away the harmful bugs.
  • Can be suitably customized and has an easy to operate feature.

The Screen Solutions Plissé is a leading manufacturer and supplier of highly functional and durable retractable screens in Austin, Texas Give us a call today at 866.571.8870 to order a custom retractable screen door.

Breathable and Bug Free Interiors with Retractable Screen

Retractable screen have the flexibility to be installed on all types of doors and can be suitably used as sliding patio door screen and French door screen, which will fit well with your home décor. Most of the households and offices in Texas, United States are installing retractable screens for some of its best features:

French Door


Retractable screens have an invisible look (very hard to see until you walk right up to them), which blends well with the existing interiors of every home and office in United States. When not in use these retractable screens will completely disappear from the view giving you a clean appearance.

Keep Away the Bugs and Insects:

By installing retractable screens you will get a bug free space as it successfully keeps away harmful insects and bugs form the office or home interiors. By installing retractable screen on a patio or large doorway, you can enjoy benefits of both indoor and outdoor living without being bitten by mosquitoes or other flying insects.


Effective Addition to Home Improvement Projects:

Most home owners have found retractable screens as an attractive addition to their home improvement project. Having an invisible appearance the retractable screen doors will help in keeping your indoor space well ventilated and allow in relaxing and enjoying the cool breeze with a bit of sunshine. With an ability of being suitably installed on a set of French doors, sliding doors and any outdoor patio has made the retractable screens a more demanded item by home owners for their home improvement projects.

Innovative Design:

Incredibly designed retractable screen door has a sleek, elegant, compact and unobtrusive appearance, which is different from metal framed traditional screen doors. Whether it is your home or office innovatively designed retractable screens will bring a new life into the interior space.

Convenient and Highly Functional:

Easy in operation, retractable screen doors easily roll back into the case while not in use, which protects the screen from dirt and damage. Having full length metal handles, retractable screens can be conveniently opened and closed by anyone as well as is safe for children & pet. Retractable screens with an amazingly beautiful look will enhance the appearance of an entire area while maintaining a bug free interior with natural sunlight and airflow into the space.

Bringing-In Live the Wonderful Views of the Outer World:

Retractable screens allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of outside world without getting disturbed by the critters. You will have plenty of light with unobstructed views of the outer world.

Buying Custom retractable Screens in Austin, Texas:

You can buy top quality retractable screens at Screen Solutions, which is a leading manufacturer and supplier of highly functional and durable retractable screens in Austin, Texas. Our elegant retractable screen doors are perfect fit for all types on in-swing or out-swing doors, sliding glass doors & windows as well as convenient to install.

Call us today at 866.571.8870 to order a custom retractable screen door.

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Innovatively-Designed, Custom Retractable Screens

The screens do not provide privacy – they are actually very hard to see until you walk right up to them. We have one on our front door and when you walk down the sidewalk in front of our home it looks like the door is just open – you can’t see the screen at all unless you know to look for it. Please revise and note this for future copy.

Double Door Screen

Installing retractable screens is considered good for homes in the United States that are located close to a roadway or popular public place as the screens will help in protecting your privacy. Apart from keeping you safe from prying eyes of neighbors retractable screens play an important role in beating the bugs. With uncountable bugs, mosquitoes and houseflies, it becomes impossible for enjoying the fresh air and cool breeze. But installing retractable screens on your doorway, windows or any wide openings at your home in any American location will provide you a comfortable and well ventilated bug free space to enjoy a quality tie with your family and friends.

There are some other compelling benefits of installing retractable screens at your home, like:

Gives a Wonderful and Fresh Living Space:

Whether you have an in-swing, out-swing, sliding door or French door, retractable screens can be easily installed with a perfect fit. Even very wide openings in your home can be screened, opening up the indoor/outdoor living space to a fresh and cool breeze without letting in any insects. No more pesky pests buzzing around inside. You will definitely enjoy a greater quality of living inside your home with retractable screens.


Helps in Lighting Up your Home with Morning Sunshine:

It has been found from studies and research that letting the natural sunlight into your home results in improved alertness, productivity, mood and sleeping patterns. Installing retractable screens on your doors and windows will allow the natural sunlight to come into the home that will ensure you enjoy maximum benefits.

Preserve Views:

French door retractable screens will help you enjoy the views of a green and beautiful yard. You are able to watch your kids playing and having a great time in the backyard while still being able to talk to them from indoors and keep the bugs outside.

Finished Product

Well Ventilated Indoor Space:

Installing retractable screens on your doors and windows will help improve air circulation inside your home, helping keep your indoor space cool without the use of expensive, energy-consuming air-conditioners.

Getting Customized Retractable Screen Door in Austin:

If you are looking for quality, cost effective and easy to install retractable screens in Austin then Screen Solutions is your one stop solution. You will get the most innovative and elegant retractable screen designs at Screen Solutions. Each screen comes standard with a heavy-duty, aluminum, four-sided frame, baked – on powder coat finish available in six standard colors (as well as four special order colors) and has a top to bottom seal when closed. We have many years of experience in serving the North American market with highly functional retractable screens that boast both European styling and American value. From French door retractable screen doors to perfect fitting retractable screens for windows, at Screen Solutions you can easily have a custom-built retractable screen ordered and ready to install in no time. Visit our website today to get customized and highly functional retractable screens or give us a call at 866.571.8870.

Retractable Screen

Elegant and Superior Quality Retractable Screens for Your Home

Are you dreaming of an enhanced lifestyle with expanded living space in Austin? Or do you have an urge to enjoy the cool breeze and amazing outside views of Texas? Elegant retractable screens are an excellent alternative to traditional and, unattractive home screen systems. Well-functioning and high-quality retractable screens will enhance the beauty and comfort of your home in Texas, providing you with an enriched lifestyle.

Double Door Screen

What can retractable screens offer?

Gives you access to the outdoors: 

By installing retractable screens on your patios, you’ll get an expanded space with insect and bug protection as retractable screens act as a barrier both for elements as well as for insect life. Use of retractable screens will let the cool, fresh and natural breeze flow into your home. You’ll also have the assurance that your family and friends are safe and protected from nasty insects.

Sliding Patio Door Screen

Energy Efficient Solution: 

Use of retractable screens in your home can offer natural heating and cooling solutions, which dramatically reduces energy usage and costs. Use retractable screens to provide your home with a new, energy efficient solution to indoor climate control.

Efficiently Provides Solar Shading:

Cut down on harsh UV rays by up to 80% with retractable screens which provide adequate solar shading while also protecting your furniture from harmful sun exposure.

Blend with your Home Aesthetic:

In order to enjoy a cool breeze you need not have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetics as retractable screens have distinctive features that will effectively blend with your home’s décor and exterior finish. When not in use retractable screens simply disappear from your sight while storing away into the housing.

Convenient Operation and Easy Installation:

Retractable screens are customized to your door or window’s dimensions. And you can easily install one in your home in about an hour. Plus they operate easily thanks to the retractable screens’ adjustable handle and smooth operation.

Finished Product

Where to find high quality retractable screens in Austin?

The exclusive manufacturer and leading online retailer of retractable screens – Screen Solutions Inc- offers high quality anddurable retractable screens in Austin that come in a wide variety of colors and fit perfectly on all styles of in-swing or out-swings doors, sliding doors and windows. Our easy to install and powder coated retractable screens are perfect for providing bug free space with a touch of privacy. Give us a call today at 866.571.8870 or send an email to